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How does Property Management in Santa Rosa work?


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Rest Assured.

“The only constant is change:” Awareness of property management “best practices,” legislative impacts, and fluctuating market conditions all require constant diligence and adaptation. We have the drive, the experience, and the knowledge. We manage your property as if it were our own.


No Hassle Management.

No matter how complex your financial strategy, or how detailed our services, we will provide a level of management designed to provide you with value, security and confidence. Whether you need a “lease up” or full service, we have a solution to fit your needs.


Consulting: “What Should I Do?”

The professionals at DeDe’s Rentals are able to deliver solutions, advice and road maps for most arcane and unusual situations that come up in the course of landlord/tenant relationships. Even for those situations that we cannot resolve in-house, we can typically connect you with an appropriate vendor or industry resource. We are your one-stop solution for property management!


Customer Service on Your Terms.

We love technology, and the efficiency it provides. Secure electronic financial transfers, online maintenance request tracking, access to data from anywhere in the world – we offer it all. Some clients are firm believers in “old school” documentation and systems – we offer that, too. Whether hi-tech or lo-tech, we consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

10. Servicing Santa Rosa Landlords and Tenants since 1972.

9. We know how to establish fair and competitive rent values for Santa Rosa and the surrounding communities

8. We are dedicated to property management. We don’t do sales.

7. Our marketing campaigns are designed to provide rapid turnaround and low vacancies.

6. Our rental qualification criteria are thorough, objective and fair.

5. If you’ve got an emergency, we’ve got 24/7 response.

4. Periodic property inspections.

3. High lease renewal rate.

2. We pay our owners promptly each month.

The #1 reason to work with DeDe’s Rentals: – Our goal is to simplify your life. Each member of the DeDe’s staff has the same mission: to provide our clients with exceptional service.


10 Reasons to work with Dede's Rentals

Keith Becker
Broker/Owner, Dede's Rentals

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"You cannot buy expertise. You cannot buy a certificate declaring that you are now an expert. Achieving a level of expertise is something you earn by building up your experience. It takes a lot of time and effort.

In martial arts, taekwondo or kung fu, you cannot just sit in the back of the class and presume to assimilate the information. You have to get in there and do the work day after day." Continue reading...


One Question to Ask a Property Manager

Keith Becker
Broker/Owner, Dede's Rentals

"The most common problem a landlord will likely encounter is the security deposit refund accounting after tenancy ends. If not addressed properly, the landlord can face the risk of being sued and taken to small claims court by their tenant.

To understand the laws and calculations associated with the security deposit return, one must first understand what a security deposit may be used for.." Continue reading...


Security Deposit FAQ

Keith Becker
Broker/Owner, Dede's Rentals

Call Us 707-523-4500

Call Us 707-523-4500

1. Accountability.
2. Vendors.
3. Objectivity.
4. Professionalism.
5. Peace of Mind.

Our entire staff at DeDe’s Rentals is well-trained and up-to-date in their knowledge of the industry. We are proud and protective of our reputation – with our tenants, with our owners, and throughout the Sonoma County business and property management community.


5 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager in Santa Rosa

Keith Becker
Broker/Owner, Dede's Rentals
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